Lena Headey (born on 3 October 1973, in Bermuda) is a British actress.

Her father, a British police officer, was sent to train police in Bermuda where Headey was born. The family returned to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, when she was eight years old.

Headey has appeared in Possession, Gossip, Onegin, The Remains of the Day, and numerous other films. She appeared in two films with Piper Perabo: The Cave, where they played the only female characters in the film, and Imagine Me & You, where they portrayed love interests.

Most recently, Lena was chosen to play Sarah Connor in the upcoming TV series The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She also played Queen Gorgo in the 2007 film 300.

Personal life
She has several tattoos including one on her right upper arm saying 'Jason' in Thai (for actor Jason Flemyng). The couple met on the 1994 film The Jungle Book and dated until 2001. The tattoos have since been changed into butterflies, a star on the inside of each of her lower arms,a large lotus flower on her upper back and a tribal piece on her lower back These were all concealed during 300. She got married to Pete Paul on May 19th 2007 and is very close friends with actress Piper Perabo, her co-star in The Cave and Imagine Me & You.

Headey is also good friends with her Game of Thrones co-star Peter Dinklage, who first suggested to producers on Game of Thrones that she be cast as Cersei Lannister.

Headey was a vegetarian, however in a 2011 interview she stated she now eats meat again, albeit rarely.

Headey has a number of tattoos, and has stated "I was born wearing ink." Her tattoos include a large floral design on her back as well as a Pema Chödrön quote on her ribs. She told Esquire magazine that "I love tattoos. I find it calming." Her tattoos often require covering when Headey works, although she has stated that "you can usually get away with it by keeping your clothes on."

Year    Title                                                  Role                              Other notes
    The Flood                                          Wendy                               Post-production
            Fighting with My Family                       Julia Bevis             Post-production
2017    Thumper                                                 Ellen
2016    Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV            Lunafreya Nox Fleuret              Voice
            Pride and Prejudice and Zombies        Lady Catherine de Bourgh
2015    Unity                                                 Narrator                           Documentary
2014    Low Down                                            Sheila Albany
2013    The Purge                                                 Mary Sandin
2012    Dredd                                                  Madeline "Ma-Ma" Madrigal
2010    Pete Smalls Is Dead                                          Shannah
2009    Laid to Rest                                           Cindy
2008    Whore                                                 Mom
2008    Vivaldi                                                Norina                           Pre-production
            The Brøken                                        Gina McVey                   Pre-production
2007    The Red Baron                                   Käte                              Post-production
            The Sarah Connor Chronicles           Sarah Connor               TV series
            300                                                    Queen Gorgo
2006    Ultra                                                  Penny/Ultra                  TV series
            The Contractor Inspector               Annette Ballard
2005    Imagine Me & You                            Luce
            The Cave                                           Kathryn
            The Brothers Grimm                         Angelika
2004    The Long Firm                                   Ruby Ryder                   TV series
2003     No Verbal Response                          Dr. Megan Pillay
            The Actors                                         Dolores
2002    Ripley's Game                                     Sarah Trevanny             Television film
            Possession                                         Blanche Glover
            The Gathering Storm                        Ava Wigram
2001    The Parole                                         Officer Emma
            Anazapta                                           Matilda
            Round About Five                              Girlfriend
2000    Aberdeen                                           Kairo 'Kaisa' Heller
            Gossip                                                Cathy Jones
            Ropewalk                                            Allison
1999    Onegin                                               Olga Larina
1998    The Man with Rain in His Shoes         Sylvia Weld
            Merlin                                                 Queen Guinevere          Television film
1997    Mrs. Dalloway                                    Young Sally
            Face                                                   Connie
            The Hunger                                         Steph Reynolds
                                                                     - Menage a Trois (1997)  TV series
            Kavanagh QC                                      Natasha Jackson
                                                                    -  Diplomatic Baggage (1997) TV series

1996    Ballykissangel                                     Jenny
                                                                    - The Things We Do for Love (1996) TV series
1995    The Grotesque                                   Cleo Coal
            Loved Up                                           Sarah
            Band of Gold                                      Colette                          TV series
            Devil's Advocate                               Clare Rigby                    TV series
1994    The Jungle Book                                Katherine Anne 'Kitty' Brydon
            MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday          Elise Moran
            Fair Game                                          Ellie TV series
1993   The Remains of the Day                    Lizzie
                                                                   - Best Friends (1993)
                                                                   - The More Things Change (1993) TV series
            Soldier Soldier                                   Shenna Bowles
                                                                   - Base Details (1993)
                                                                   - Live Fire (1993)
                                                                   - Shifting Sands (1993)      TV series
           Century                                            Miriam                               TV series
1992   Waterland                                        Young Mary
           Clothes in the Wardrobe                 Margaret



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